We're strange. Read on.

Where do you source coffee from?

We work with importers active on the ground in communities in Guatemala, Colombia and Ethiopia. Each coffee we ship out is composed of at least one of these coffees and sometimes all three.

Is the coffee fresh?

Hella fresh.

We start with fresh crop - that is, coffees from the current growing season. We roast every week and never ship out coffee roasted more than two weeks ago.

Is the coffee any good?

Yea, it's good. If you don't like it, no problem. We'll refund your purchase without hesitation.

Can I choose what coffee I get (i.e. dark or medium roast)?

No. Is that too harsh?

Here's the deal: we're trying to deliver great coffee, accessible to all and which makes a real and meaningful difference. We roast once a week and each coffee is its own very special thing grown and made possible who super care. What's cool is that every customer is getting the same coffee and, across space and a little time, enjoying it together. Plus, this Effective Coffee thing is a one person show. Ain't got time to pick and pack.

Why is the price so reasonable?

Glad you think so. We worked really hard to get it down. You can get an eyeful of our costs here [editor's note: coming soon]. The short version: Effective Coffee runs really lean. We aim to be profitable, to grow and to invest in our future. Along the way, we want to do a whole bunch of good.

Why aren't you more active on social media?

A previous version of Effective Coffee did the normal social media thing. It doesn't feel right to pay Facebook or Google for access to consumers. Read more of our thinking here. [editor's note: coming soon] We want to use our advertising dollars to do more than simply reach more people. If you know of an interesting event that could use some small sponsorship, please let us know.

Will you advertise on my friend's blog?

Probably. $1 from every bag we sell goes to advertising. We support small and independent media with direct purchases of ads. The smaller and weirder the better. If you know of a blog who could use some support, let us know.

When will my order ship?

We'll ship your first order no later than the next business day. Most people receive their order within 3 business days. For subscriptions, we ship within 1 business day of when the renewal is processed. Your renewal day is established when you first sign up for a subscription, but you can change the renewal day in your account.

Do you make money on shipping?

No way. We ship USPS First Class and you pay exactly what it costs us to ship your coffee.

If I subscribe, is it difficult to cancel later?

We made it easy to cancel, skip, pause, switch or tweak your subscription at any time. You can do to your subscription whatever you want - it's yours after all.