There's a lot of great coffee out there. Thank you for thinking of us for your bulk and office coffee needs! 

We sell our bulk coffee two pounds at a time. The sealed bags strike a good balance between size, freshness and shipping concerns. You can order what you need whenever you like. We currently roast on Saturday and deliver it fresh the following week. Having a couple days to rest is good for coffee, just like people.

Of course, we wouldn't be Effective Coffee if we weren't up to something a little different. We care a lot about supporting the best charitable opportunities out there, and the coffee you buy here helps us donate more, just like our regular subscriptions. Every bag we ship in a week boosts our donation rate for that week. Each bulk bag we ship in a week counts as three regular bags. So you're boosting our donation rate big time! 

Currently, our weekly donations go to the Against Malaria Foundation. They are transparent, cost-effective, make a meaningful difference and they can put our donations to work right away. Buying our coffee means you're supporting a truly exceptional cause!