Coffee is Complicated

Coffee is Complicated

In most American cities, you can find a coffee shop or two (or 50!) equipped with all kinds of gadgets and gizmos and people who love their coffee prepared in a very particular way. It can feel overwhelming for the beginner and veteran alike. And yet, for all the ways coffee can be dressed up and all the ways we can beckon magic from the grounds, I still like my coffee the way I like my favorite jeans: straight and unadorned.

So coffee in the shop can be complicated. But what about before it’s ever in the coffee shop? What about before it’s even roasted and brown? And what of the time before it’s called a bean and actually still a seed inside a cherry?

Is it simple then? Thrillingly, no!

Readers won’t be surprised to learn that anywhere one looks in the journey from seed to cup, coffee isn’t simple in the least. But it’s also only as complicated as you want it to be. A lot like the way I like my coffee – straight and unadorned – coffee can be nothing more than a quiet ritual that’s out of mind the moment you finish that first cup of the day.

If Effective Coffee is lucky enough to count you as a regular reader, we hope to explore this complicated thing called coffee with you. But we also want to underline the fact that our coffee is meant to be only as complex as you want it to be. So dig in with us and let’s learn together.

Perhaps the best place to start is in our This Week’s Coffee segment. Each coffee we send out will gets its own dedicated post where we’ll lay out where we got the coffee, some tasting notes, what’s nifty about it, how many people we shipped to that week and how much money we donated. Subscribers can rate and discuss the coffee that week as well.

With other posts, we’ll be linking out to interesting articles from across the coffee industry with perhaps a sentence or two said of our own thoughts.

And finally, you can look forward to some longer form writing from your humble host and the occasional guest blogger if we’re lucky.

If you’re reading this, you’re at the beginning. Thanks for coming along with us.

For even more of what we’re about, see our second post “How We Write on Effective Coffee.”

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