How we donate, Part II

How we donate, Part II

NOTE: This post is the second in a series of posts about how Effective Coffee donates money. We think it’s important to donate money to effective causes and doing so is central to our operation. Being clear about how we donate is important us. See Part I and Part III for more.

I wanted to take a moment to celebrate a small milestone and to explain a little further how exactly we donate. For those just looking into what we’re up to here, the short of our donation program is simple: the more subscribers we have, the higher the percentage of our revenue we donate.

Despite having tripled in size in 5 months (that’s counting the first four weeks vs the most recent four weeks), we’re still quite small. If we were to make a donation very week, we’d be sending most of the money to credit card companies. That approach gets a big thumbs down.

Instead, we donate $100 to’s top recommended charity – which remains the Against Malaria Foundation. We put that $100 at the top of a spreadsheet (oh how I love spreadsheets) and subtract each weekly donation until it’s been used up.

Having now, after 5 months, past the one hundred dollar mark it’s time to send in another $100.

Readers of this blog shouldn’t be surprised to learn that in fact we’ve already sent in the money. We are counting the days until we can donate again.

At the current pace of growth, our third donation of this kind may be on the way in as little as 10 weeks and even better: it’ll be larger than the last two combined.




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