How we donate

How we donate

NOTE: This page was last updated on 7/27/17 and describes our current method of establishing how much money we donate. Questions? Email us.

This post is the first in a series of posts about how Effective Coffee donates money. We think it’s important to donate money to effective causes and doing so is central to our operation. Being clear about how we donate is important us. See Part II and Part III for more.

We’re committed to donating a minimum of 5% of our revenue to outstanding giving opportunities. We call the percentage we donate each week our Giving Rate. How we increase upward from that Giving Rate of 5% is the subject of this blog post.

First a refresher. For every 25 people we ship coffee to in a week, we increase our Giving Rate by one percentage point. Someday if we’re lucky, we’ll ship to 25 people in a given week. When that sweet day comes, we’ll donate 6% of our revenue, instead of the standard 5% we always give. And maybe later on, we’ll ship to 50 people in a week. In that case, the Giving Rate will be 7%.

But what if in some future week, we make only 24 shipments? or only 49? For a long while, we thought we’d make a game of trying to get to that 25th or 50th shipment. But there’s been a change in our figuring.

You might want to sit down for this. And sharpen that pencil while you’re at it. Because now instead of waiting around for a full 25 shipments, we donate according to the very simple equation below. Plug 24 shipments into that bad boy and you’ll get a Giving Rate of 5.96%. Plug 49 shipments into and you’ll get 6.96%.

In this way, every single person who signs up to get Effective Coffee increases the percentage that we give. And the more people who sign up, the even more we’ll be donating. We call it Compound Giving and before anything else (even before coffee!) Compound Giving is the thing that gets us going around here.

With this small change, we’re truer than ever to the spirit of Compound Giving.

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