Let’s Get Boring

Let’s Get Boring

We’ve all been there. Some days are busy in a way that resembles high-performance whack-a-mole. Some days are even busier than that. And some days straight up redefine the word busy. When those busiest of days are all around us here at Effective Coffee World Headquarters, we try to keep a little perspective by keeping in mind some of the things we like most.

Right now, there are three things we like more than anything else. They are:

  1. Coffee so good it stops us in our tracks.
  2. Running errands.
  3. Causes that truly improve people’s lives.

Let’s go examine them.

Coffee that slows you down

There’s lots of great coffee in the world and if you’re signed up to get some from Effective Coffee – and why wouldn’t you be? – then you’re getting some of it on the regular.

But sometimes the stars align and the flavor, the temperature, and the early morning light conspire to form perfection itself. It’s all one can do to slow down and savor each sip.


There’s a little triangle of businesses near Effective Coffee World Headquarters that are a monument to the earned pleasure of an afternoon well spent. There’s the hardware store, the burrito shop and the thrift store all kitty corner to one another. And sure, we could tend to the pressing items atop a long list of tasks in solitude. Or we could do it with a friend.

At Effective Coffee we like to run errands with friends and family. And we recommend the same to anyone.

Bring boring back

In the fight against global poverty, there’s a long history of good intentions gone awry. Interventions that look good on paper and work at a small scale go big too quickly, or they skip over the difficult step of randomized control trials, resulting in time and money wasted.

The problem, evidence suggests, is sometimes as simple as the undeniable curb appeal of an elegant solution to an otherwise intractable problem. We like those solutions as much as anyone.

But at Effective Coffee it’s not about supporting the hot new thing. Instead, we support the tried, the true and the proven. (Or, at least as proven as things can be in a complicated world.)

The causes we support – which is only possible because of our subscribers – are not the flashiest and in fact, the causes may often seem somewhat dull. But there are lives on the line.

Happily, there are growing volumes of research into solutions that work. From the evaluations conducted outside-in by GiveWell, J-PAL, and Giving What We Can, to the research conducted from the inside-out by the transparency and data gurus at GiveDirectly, there’s more data, and more insight, coming out of efforts to reduce global poverty than ever before. Increasingly, there are people willing do to the hard, slow work of solving difficult problems. Boring… maybe.

But Effective Coffee sees itself as a small way to help fund those solutions that work. We’re not angling to discover some slick new solution to once intractable problems. We’re not placing bets on thrilling long shots.

We’re chipping in for solutions that work, even when those solutions are hard and maybe kind of dull. Our subscribers make that chipping in possible.

Now what

So when we’re sipping on that great cup of coffee and when we’re running errands with the kind of company that doesn’t require catching up, we try to acknowledge our position in it all. We’re incredibly lucky to live in a day and age that allows for giving back in ways that make a real difference.

And if you’ve read this far, you probably agree: there’s actually nothing boring at all about participating however, we can in solving the most profound problems of our time.

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