Different from our regular subscriptions, the options below are for the thrift minded adventurer. Sign up for one of these and we'll send you experimental blends, roasts that just missed the mark or coffee we couldn't find a home for last week. It's like a samples sale that never ends.

Sometimes, you'll even get the same great coffee as everyone else, which is a real bargain!

But don't misunderstand: the coffee we ship here is still good. Coffee roasted a week prior is still quite fresh and the blends we'll send out will be thoughtfully composed. You'll be helping us stay lean and efficient as well. 

And best of all, your purchase will boost our weekly Giving Rate. You'll help us to donate more from your purchase and every other customers' purchase as well.

Delivered every week, this is a good option for 2 people who each like one strong cup per day.

Every Two Weeks $14

Delivered every other week, this is a good option for someone who likes one strong cup per day.

Delivered every four weeks, this is a good option for someone who likes the occasional cup.

Not included in these shipments are any information cards detailing the features of the coffee (elevation, flavor notes, and so on). Also, we limit how many customers have access to these prices. However, once you're signed up, you're in until you delete the subscription. That means you can pause your subscription, come back weeks or months later and get back again to enjoying coffee at these discounted prices. It's a good deal.