We roast our coffee medium-dark. In our view, it's the best balance between coffee that is easy to drink while still showcasing the complex nature of coffee.

Our coffee exists as just one roast at a time, whose flavor profile changes with the seasons. When you purchase a bag, we ship it within 24 hours, and the coffee will have been roasted in the last two weeks. Most people who get our coffee do so via subscription. However you get our coffee, we think you'll be glad you did. If not, we like to make things right. Get in touch.


Similar to how out-of-season produce is less than delicious, out-of-season coffee is less than dreamy. We think coffee is the dreamiest when it's fresh crop. This also means that with each new delivery of green coffee to our facility, we re-calibrate and fine tune our roast parameters to highlight the flavor features available in our beans. Our coffee is constantly evolving, just like people.


Where we source our coffee from affects its taste, but how we source and from whom matters to us more. We work with three unique importers, each active on the ground in their own ways. They operate in Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia. Each of these importers is doing important work connecting people. Learn more.


At the moment, things don't looks great for our best pal, Earth, and all her loony inhabitants. At Effective Coffee, we're determined to do more than sit idly by. We believe this moment in history calls us to actions big and small. Our name comes from the belief that by focusing on programs that work, we can have an outsize impact.

We source coffee from importers active on the ground, who provide an uncommon level of transparency into their operation. They are working to connect small holder coffee farmers to the global market of people who believe in fairness, where coffee can fetch a good, livable price. This is what matters most to Effective Coffee. Still, we want to do more.


Beyond working very selectively to source our coffee, we want to limit our negative impact, which starts with the materials we use.

We ship our coffee in super-lightweight chipboard boxes made of 100% recycled paper. The coffee is in transparent 2-ply bags that can be recycled (if you combine it with other plastic bags and take to a facility). Normal coffee bags cannot be recycled, because they are lined with foil and difficult to separate in a cost effective way. Our stickers are made of recycled material printed on recyclable release liner, so even our waste stream has a smaller impact. Even our info cards are printed on recycled material! And finally, we operate out of a shared production facility, limiting our gas and electricity needs.


Effective Coffee started with a focus on contributing to the most effective giving opportunities available and that’s where the focus remains. Going forward, we’ll donate in support of fixed outcomes. Effective Coffee believes the most impactful giving opportunities tend also to be relatively unpopular, where each additional dollars has the best chance of adding real impact.

Every bag sold will:
-Protect 1 person from malaria for a year through the Against Malaria Foundation.
-De-worm one child through the Deworm the World
-supports women's access to family planning through Population Services International (3% of our revenue, donated monthly)

Malaria is a wretched disease that is preventable with inexpensive, insecticide treated nets. AMF is renowned for their transparency, follow up, data collection and cost effective approach. During periods when AMF can take on no additional funding, we donate to the Malaria Consortium for their seasonal malaria chemoprevention program.

Per dollar, deworming's effect on children's health is about 35 times higher than using that same dollar to provide school lunches. Further, GiveWell notes that's for every $200 donated, incomes increase by 10% for 100 people. In the case where DWtW has no additional room for funding, we'll donate to the END fund or Sightsavers, who are doing similar work.

A combination of education for girls and family planning for women could together have the single most potent impact on climate change. That access to education and health care comes with so many co-benefits is really only more to the point. In the case where PSI has no additional room for funding, we'll donate to the Helen Keller Vitamin A Supplementation program.