Kayanza Dusangirijambo

This is our 58th coffee.

We shipped it on June 24, 2018.

The brewed cup This one is such a wonderful, shape shifting coffee. Fresh off the roast, it's bright and chaotic, but given three days rest and it transforms into a coffee almost perfectly balanced. We took this coffee a shade darker than last week, and you'll find a more complex and rich chocolate, along with notes of raisin and dried cherries.

Somewhat poetically, this coffee is taking the winding and scenic back roads, and finding that the faster route to boot.

This Coffee

With a giving rate of 5.92%, we're donating $20.35 this week. The money has been sent to Against Malaria Foundation.

We sourced this coffee for $4.30, which is 3.55x the market price at the time we bought it.

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