Finca El Oasis

This is our 49th coffee.

We shipped it on April 16, 2018.

The brewed cup From an isolated region of Colombia, this coffee is grown among plantains, fruit trees and chickens. The farm is a family affair, run by Luz Mila Gonzalez and her three kids who go to school half days and return to the farm at lunch time. - common practice in rural Colombia. The floral and berry aromatics of the brewed coffee lead to notes of cranberry, hibiscus and peach and a creamy body.

Somewhat poetically, this coffee is your father howling and pounding the table with laughter.

This Coffee

With a giving rate of 6.2%, we're donating $22.53 this week. The money has been sent to Against Malaria Foundation.

We sourced this coffee for $4.75, which is 4.02x the market price at the time we bought it.

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