Our Second Blend

This is our 32nd coffee.

We shipped it on December 17, 2017.

The brewed cup comes from a blend of three coffees of the Caturra and Variedad Colombia varietals. It is bright like a fine cocoa, with caramel, chocolate and cherry notes to round it out. Medium bodied, it expresses best as it cools. So take it slow and enjoy some slow time you and yours, and our coffee.

Somewhat poetically, this coffee is a piano ballad that's always playing in the background. This time though you really notice it and my goodness, what a great song.

This Coffee

With a giving rate of 5.84%, we're donating $41.70 this week. The money has been sent to Against Malaria Foundation.

We sourced this coffee for $3.99, which is 2.98x the market price at the time we bought it.

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