Boquete Finca San Sebastian

This is our 21st coffee.

We shipped it on October 2, 2017.

The brewed cup has all the makings of a rich, dark seasonal phenom: dark caramel notes, red apple, spice and a sturdy sweetness. Hold out for the cooling cup where like a jewel tucked out of view, you'll find revealed the most pristine and sparkling apple-like acidity.

Somewhat poetically, this coffee is digging to the back of your closet and pulling out your favorite winter blanket. The sight and smell of it is everything cozy and quiet.

This Coffee

With a giving rate of 5.52%, we're donating $9.91 this week. The money has been sent to Against Malaria Foundation.

We sourced this coffee for $5.31, which is 3.82x the market price at the time we bought it.

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