Effective Coffee is about focusing on life's finest pleasures, enjoying them, and then turning our attention to the rest of the world and figuring out how we should help to make it better.


We knew we wanted to do two things with Effective Coffee. First, we wanted to source our coffee at prices equitable for the farmers who grew it. And second, we knew we wanted to donate a ton of our revenue to charity. Unfortunately neither of these interests make great business sense! So we turned toward a subscription service model. By having recurring revenue, we can more confidently give away a substantial portion of our revenue while keeping our costs very low. The more subscribers we have, the better we can direct our green coffee purchases to the people who grew the coffee and the greater a portion we can donate. The goal is to donate 20% of our revenue and maybe someday even more. Every subscriber boosts that rate.


It matters a lot to us where we donate. There are many worthy causes out there and at least as many good intentions. But we focus our donations on charities that are transparent, cost-effective and whose interventions work, according to the best evidence. Also important to us is that the charities have room for more funding so that the money we donate is quickly spent and not hoarded.


There's another piece to this story though and that is the idea that people everywhere have equal value. It may strike some as obvious and others as plain or even trite, but we find the notion of universal human equality almost mind-bogglingly radical in its implications.

For us, it means that if we help one person with a given sum of money but we could have helped two, we've failed in some important way. Of course, the world is not so simple that we can know for certain how best to help. But we think setting such a high standard is a critically important step. We're committed to updating our ideas about where the best giving opportunities are as new information and insights come in. (Currently, we direct 100% of our weekly donation to the Against Malaria Foundation.)

So if you haven't already, join us! We're excited to ship out the freshest, most delicious coffee we can find to people who want to support what we're up to.